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Born in Elizabeth, New Jersey in 1966.

PERFORMANCES by Suzae Chevalier

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The Lake Worth Herald records events in Lake Worth town
Mark Easton works hard making sure Lake Worth Herald paper gets out.
It’s Wednesday afternoon and the printing press is running
all of Mark’s stories are real life, serious and also funny.
The Lake Worth Library had an article on me
with UniCandle unicorn and doll Melodie.
It was November 2006 and I was on
Lake Worth Herald’s cover page
sitting on birthday chair where
children celebrate their age.
Lake Worth Herald is printing
my new poetry book
-the one you are reading-
soon also on the Nook.
Mark was gracious and helped get my book right
he is friendly and easy to work with editing my book
to make it out of sight!
For it has a glow in the dark cover
it is different not like any other.
Thanks Mark for your kindness in working with me
it was a pleasure working with you and also a
“Thank You” from my doll on the front cover Melodie!

Written by Suzae Chevalier on March 10,2012


Suzae performing with Melodie Mezoree’ Big Bear Lake, California 1999


Wearing pink high-heels on stage

I performed with Melodie at Big Bear Lake.

Wearing a pink costume with headband on head

Melodie spoke also from me she was lead

Into a story that made birthday wishes come true,

UniCandle unicorn would light the cake especially for you.

Audience member said that he was on the edge of his seat

He imagined a magical land that could turn into a LSD trip.

Yes, UniCandle unicorn could do anything that day

but I wanted to give Sarah Star a “Special Birthday.

Luckily I had this performance recorded on tape

it turned out pretty good even though I stayed up late.

Stayed up late, with no sleep, I was so scared I couldn’t even count sheep.

My act stood out from all the rest for I was the only with a doll closed to chest.

Also, I was one of the few from the Midwest, I can attest.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on August 8, 2011

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Big Tomato


Big Tomato


When I was about five

I thought tornados came alive.

Alive into a big tomato with legs

walking up the hill to where I lived.

Waiting anxiously outside my front door,

I was afraid but wanted to see more.

I imagined a big gigantic tomato coming up the street

I thought it be cool and thought it be neat to see.

Wind starting blowing and sky became still

the birds disappeared, I began to feel chills.

I imagined Big Tomatoes footsteps going boom, boom, boom

my family hid in the basement in the family room.

Sleeping downstairs was fun for me

we were all together as a family.

Now Big Tomato never did come

but I have fond memories of a night of fun.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on May 25,2011

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