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Xlibris Corporation, Mar 1, 2012Poetry108 pages

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Purple Poems by Christina Sunrise back cover

From the “Games People Play” to “Hopes on Dopes”, Christina Sunrise ’s Purple Poems is a compilation of dainty rhymes and sentimental verses that tell readers of the poet’s life story and some snippets in-betweens.

Each of us has a story to tell and Christina does this with her series of “storytelling” poems.  The poet’s perfectly crafted words and flawlessly written verses cover a wide range of topics such as kindred souls, mermaids and relationships.

The poet hopes that her words will make readers and fellow word-crafters laugh, cry, smile and most of all, question the world around them.

GreenEyedSuzy Girl

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“Sarah’s Butterfly Birthday”


Sarah’s Butterfly Birthday

Sarah Star will be crowned Butterfly Princess in her “Birthday Dream” but Razel the bumble bee intervenes. She freezes not only Sarah Star, but baby Majesty! Can Melodie and UniCandle unicorn save the day with the help of Butterfly Queen Emma Jean and even Pillow Monster? Find out in this Suzarian Star Adventure.


ISBN10: 1-4500-9412-0 (Picture Book – Soft Cover )

Pages : 52 Book Format :Portrait 8.5 x 11

Subject : JUVENILE FICTION / Fiction / Children’s Book


“Melodie’s Butterfly Birthday”

Melodie dreams of being a beautiful butterfly with magical wings, but she wants her friends Majesty to also to be a butterfly, but Razel the bee intervenes. Can Melodie unfreeze baby Majesty and give her butterfly wings before 12 noon? Find out the “secret power” that transforms Majesty into a butterfly in this Suzarian Star Adventure.

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ISBN13 (TP) 978-1-4363-0479-5



Unfreezing Prince Emeray by Sue Chevalier

Unfreezing Prince Emeray

Prince Emeray is on his way to Sarah Star’s 16th birthday party when he is frozen into a green ice dragon in the Ferronian Forest by the evil ice-witch Razel. Sarah and Melodie are given heat swords by the”magical” forest elf Snookems. Still unable to find Prince Emeray, Snookems the elf gives them magical items. Does Prince Emeray turn back into a knight? Find out in this “Suzarian Star” story.


“Melodie’s Mermaid Birthday”

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ISBN13 (TP) 978-1-4363-0479-5


Melodie dreams one night of the Krendoll Sea. Melodie realizes she is a mermaid like her doll Majesty. Majesty brings her to be crowned but Razel the ice witch creates an ice storm and freezes Majesty and the crown. Will Melodie and UniCandle unicorn break the ice spell cast on Majesty in time for her to crown Melodie in the Krendoll castle under the Krendoll Sea? Find out in this Suzarian Star adventure.

Ages 3-11 years; “Melodie’s Mermaid Birthday” is a picture book that keeps readers in suspense in finding out if Melodie can break the spell on her mermaid doll Majesty.

By: Sue Chevalier


ISBN10: 1-4363-0479-2 (Picture Book – Soft Cover )


Sarah’s Special Birthday by Sue Chevalier

Sarah’s Special Birthday

Sarah Star goes to bed one night with her doll Melodie in her hand, and dreams of the magical Island of Krendoll. Krendoll Island is where magical dolls come alive. To Sarah’s surprise, Melodie is sitting on a magical unicorn named UniCandle with his horn shining bright. Along with Eeka the magical butterfly both Melodie and UniCande unicorn wish Sarah a magical birthday. Melodie crowns Sarah with a magical birthstone crown and she receives a birthstone gown. Then Melodie sings a “Special Birthday” song to Sarah and Sarah receives a “special gift” when she wakes up from her dream.

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