Idemudia Guobadia: The Year of the Holy Spirit And Revival 2019


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Idemudia Guobadia sermon is very uplifting and so is his prayers to the Father of Heaven. Holy Spirit wants to express himself like never before. Holy Spirit wants us to put our trust in the finished worked on the cross by Jesus Christ.

The Holy Spirit flows in seven dimensions: The Spirit of the LORD, The Spirit of Might, Spirit of Knowledge, Spirit of Understanding, Spirit of Wisdom, Spirit of Fear of the LORD, Spirit of Counsel.

Without the Spirit of Understanding how can you maintain your deliverance. Without¬† and Wisdom how can you walk in your authority as a believer. Holy Spirit is coming to put His house in order. God is looking for pots that are holy. Read Zechariah 14:20-21 God does not want death in His pots. There will no more (hypocrites) one foot in and one foot out for the LORD because the fire will be too hot for them to endure. God is trying to get rid of hindrance the advancement of the Kingdom of God. Disappointment will make many Christians give up on the world and its systems. He doesn’t want His children to be friends with the world. Every man’s heart is revealed in the fire. Some will turn to the occult for solutions. That is were that will show they will never His people. The appointed remnants will seek God for their life’s questions.¬† As in Acts 2: The Holy Ghost came as wind and then as fire. There is a wind that will blow that will drive out frustration in the Body of Christ. Then fire will come. Lukewarm Christians that don’t catch the revival will despise and resent the Christians that are on fire for God. This is not a year to play game with our faith. We are called to inherit eternal life. God is not going tolerate one leg in and one leg out. God is looking for people who are sold out to Him. Many Christians will be running with horses, not man. Also when you run with horses at God’s speed you will outrun the horses. Fire united us in the pots. We decree that today is a day of liberty. We pray in Jesus name. Thank You Father, Amen.


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We need divine order in our homes. Fathers and mothers need to pray for your children, cover them with the Blood of Jesus. If there is a secret sin in the home– God will remove the walls of protection of your home. Get on your knees and pray to God for forgiveness and take back your children from temptations of the world. You as a parent are responsible for your child’s eternity. They will go to hell on your account if you do not have them saved in the Spirit. Deal with your sins–it will bring chaos in your home. You will go before God with our children and give an account. Take the Authority back–break the family curses -fast and pray to the face of God. Get your house back to DIVINE ORDER.

“Heavenly Father, I am asking you to heal homes and hearts, heal marriages, Lord I want you put up a wall fire around my family, tear down the false walls in Jesus name we pray. Amen.

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