“Thank You LORD for the cross that we have victory through Your victory. We declare that the devil is a loser. It is by the Spirit of hosts that fights for us, thank You Jesus. Send confusion in the enemy’s camp right now. Devil you have been exposed to steal, kill and destroy. We ask you devil you must return 7 times of joy, 7 times of prosperity, 7 times of happy marriages be restored to us Jesus mighty name. Lord we pray today in agreement that every force of darkness that is out there is rendered powerless now in Jesus name. Lord you have promised to send the enemy to scatter 7 ways with its tail between its legs. Lord You are never absence and You are there always. Break every chord and demonic cord and let God’s Holy Spirit burn down fire on all altars erected against us. God break them with your rod of iron break the enemy to pieces. Lord be a shield around us from the enemy. Lord hear our prayers every time we pray. We command every foul spirit to be removed in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. “
Great scripture mentioned in this video.
Psalm 2:2-3



Listen before going to sleep these prayers. “We bind the powers of all negative words spoken against us. We put on the full armor of God. We take up the helmet of Salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the belt of truth, the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God, the gospel boots of peace and the we take up the shield of faith stop the arrows of the enemy. Anoint us God with all that You have called us to do. We call on Your holy angels to protect us and our families, our homes, our emotions, our minds, our children, our cars. Lord we cry out to You right now, please deliver me from the hand of my enemy in Jesus mighty name we pray.”

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The mystery behind witchcraft pt 2 ”The Altars”


“Father God, send Your fire to burn at the spiritual root at those evil altars operating against my marriage, evil altars operating for poverty, altars of infirmity, evil altars of backwardness, evil altars of anti marriage, evil altars of rejection. Father God send down your burning fire to destroy the root of these evil altars mentioned above and cancel the enemies assignments against me from my ancestors.”

God’s Word can’t return void said the LORD. The Scriptures are the laws, the rules. You need to speak God’s Word to fight the enemy. Christianity is about being legal in the spiritual realm. Using the right tools to achieve in the spiritual realm. Whoever is cursing me as a Christian will be cursed as in Genesis 12:3. You need to add fasting with prayers to break these altars erected by your ancestors. Fasting is a sacrifice, a sacrifice is something you give up that you appreciate.

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Breaking the evil covenants of our ancestors Pt.1

God has an Arial view of what is going on in your life. If He shows you a dream of something bad about a person obey Him.

You Have To Break Evil Altars From Your Ancestors

You have to rise up Christians and break the altars that were erected by you and your ancestors. God wants you to worship Him not a person or an accursed thing–such as those witchcraft books, candles, etc. This invokes curses in your life.

“God I put down this evil so many years ago not knowing what I have done. I confess what I did to my children, Your Word that says You will forgive us , I admit my own greed, bitterness, and I had the angry spirit, I now confess my sins. Through knowledge of your Word, Through your knowledge we shall be delivered. I confess I didn’t know, I was sowing the seed.”

I need to be exposed to the knowledge of God’s Words. Proverbs Proverbs 29 and Proverbs: 11:9

” I will not hide in sin, I confess the evil I did God, I confess and I speak, I declare that all spirits that have been tormented me will be tormented before the judgement. “

” I pray that the favor knowledge of God will advance you. I pray the knowledge will open your spiritual eyes. I know God you called me to lead, I know now God You called you to obtain the right information, to spread My Word.”


Know God for yourself. Learn the Word of God. God’s Words are the spiritual laws, the protocols, the precepts of God, the Words of God. It is going to cause me not to sin against you God. I will not to break Your laws. Make Your Words come alive to me, to infest my Spirit. Open up my spiritual eyes for understanding.

“Remove the spirit of fear from me, the spirit of worry. No more will I be tormented at night in my sleep 2 Timothy 1 and 7. You didn’t give me spirit of fear. You have given me the spirit of sound mind, spirit of love and the spirit of power. “


Fear is a spirit. You didn’t give me a spirit of fear Father God.
You gave me a spirit of a sound mind. The spirit of love, power and a sound mind.
Luke 10 You have given me the power to trample of the serpent. I have the power now, and I can do it. The power is the demonstration is to break the spiritual shackles off people and now these people and me begin to line up with God in the power that God has intended for me and them. Thank You LORD Jesus Christ!

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