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Afterlife of Soul’s Not In Christ/Spanish Video


This lady saw her friend in hell


Guy in video below has life review



If you are still struggling of sin, you can’t move in the power and authority of spiritual power from God. We need to move in authority.

Once we are saved in the spirit by confessing Jesus as our Lord and Savior and confess our sins to Him we will be able to have power and authority over death. We will have the Holy Spirit in us. We must tell other people about Jesus saving us from eternity in hell if we are to be a true Christian.


There is only 2 sources of supernatural power. One is from God with the Holy Spirit or from hell with Satan and his demons.


False prophets are psychics, preachers, pastors and teachers that are promoting themselves and not Jesus Christ’s ministry in their teachings, sermons and seminars.

If you are at a church and there are laughs it usually means the preacher is trying to put the world into the church. Jesus was serious and so was the apostles that followed Him in the New Testament.

Heaven and hell are real and death without Jesus is eternity in hell. Why aren’t the pastors talking about hell in the church? Because their demons are stopping them–and they are bringing their congregations to hell with them by not talking about sin equals death of the soul. God is a loving and an all consuming fire and He is also just and will not have anyone defiling heaven which is holy.

I WAS TOLD TO GET A ANGEL TATTOO ON MY BACK in my thoughts by a demons in disguise. Demons have said “they poison humans with the ink of the tattoo”(to pastors by authority of the Holy Spirit) in deliverance sessions. Demons use famous people like singers and movie stars to promote tattooing so that humans are cursed by God.

All tattoo artists and people with tattoos need to know this.  Ask our Lord Jesus Christ for forgiveness of this mutilation of the body. Sample prayer below:

“Father in the name of your Son Jesus, I confess that I tattooed my Holy Temple without knowing and ask you to forgive me.”

Also cover up all tattoos that have skulls, monsters, etc. In hell people are tormented by these images on them. These images become demons that torment people in hell.

God says in Leviticus 19:28  “‘Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the LORD.

Read Bill Wiese’s 23 Minutes in Hell pdf. All this is factual, we have all sinned. We need Jesus Christ to cover us with His righteousness.

I smelled the sulfur from the pits of hell after I was hallucinating doing candles. Authors who say we can bend our reality are really have demons bending their reality.

Satan came to steal, destroy and kill. He is the great deceiver, and he fools all psychics, New Age people, Catholics praying to saints who are demons. The spiritual world hears and sees your words to others, if we talk about others behind their back we have now become a co-conspirator –you are violating God’s law.

God gives blessings to those who are true believers and do not talk bad about others no matter what they have done. Ask for forgiveness now if you have talked about other people. He will vindicate you for what they did to you in the day of judgement.

People need to be saved before them and repent of their sins against you as well.

Jesus-the Living God, Angels from third heaven and demons from 2nd heaven that come up from hell through tunnels like in Harry Potter are the only ones that see you in the spiritual world. God has hidden this from our cardinal minds unless He reveals it to His chosen and those with pure hearts.

Repent now, go to Jesus and make Him Lord and Savior. Jesus came for a reason to Save all humanity from Hell. Mary K Baxter talks about Heaven as well in her pdf. Perry Stone says he smells sulfur over by the Dead Sea.

A Lucifer demon manifests to say once the Deliverance Ministry of TB Joshua has turned Satan’s kingdom upside down. Keep praying warfare prayers for our country and others –this puts arrows in the devil. Do praise and worship of Jesus every day! Amen!

Below is 5 Facts Of Hell by Pastor James






Prayer for Defense against Enemies.

For the choir director; on stringed instruments. A [a]Maskil of David, [b]when the Ziphites came and said to Saul, “Is not David hiding himself among us?”

54 Save me, O God, by Your name,
And [c]vindicate me by Your power.
Hear my prayer, O God;
Give ear to the words of my mouth.
For strangers have risen against me
And violent men have sought my [d]life;
They have not set God before them. [e]Selah.

Behold, God is my helper;
The Lord is [f]the sustainer of my soul.
[g]He will recompense the evil to [h]my foes;
[i]Destroy them in Your [j]faithfulness.

[k]Willingly I will sacrifice to You;
I will give thanks to Your name, O Lord, for it is good.
For [l]He has delivered me from all [m]trouble,
And my eye has looked with satisfaction upon my enemies.