Aunt Audrey is Up in Heaven! Heaven flyers below in Spanish, English, Albanian and French

Aunt Audrey and me in 2017

Aunt Audrey and me at Assisted Living Facility

HEAVEN FLYERS in Spanish, Albanian, French and English download link below

Espanola heaven flyer

Albanian heaven flyer

French heaven flyer

English heaven flyer

Collage sent to St Joseph Indian School

For the Holidays I sent the children of St Joseph Indian School this collage which was wrapped in thick tape so scan is blurry.

Spirit Spouse Deliverance – Marine Church and Warlock Pastor

Karen Joy Wilburn is talking about a deliverance session of a homeless woman in Georgia who had a sprit spouse named James. James married her as a child by drinking Rum and Coke-that is how she was initiated to him to be her spirit husband. Also her grandparents put drops in some water and these drops came from a line of witches in their family bloodline (that they held on to for the family generations to use) bringing in a spirit of witch craft. These drops were used to put mind control on people for financial gain. This spirit came 15 generations back from Asia and Africa originally. This spirit brought in sexual perversion, lust and rape after they put their granddaughter in a tub of water–the homeless lady as a child and the spirit put ten rings on her in the physical and spiritual. A sprit came in called “No Love” in came in from Pharmacia. Her father handed her over to the marine kingdom. This spirit brings in confusion, mind control, cocaine. Homeless spirit came in from witchcraft of ancestors. It was witchcraft in the mind. A thief spirit came into her blood line. She chose not to steal so the spirit made her homeless.

Do You Have Mermaids?

You need to pursue deliverance. The fallen angels with deceive you–I say you have to have a discerning spirit like Apostle Paul said. She talks about Pastor Tony Evans and their family curses and they are not doing deliverances.

9 Pacts with the Devil

Curses from the dad came onto a lady she is talking about. Her father did pacts with the devil through pacts with people, Santeria, sperm of another person, etc. Her father brought in curses of rejection, stagnation, not moving forward. Her father attracted to a spirit spouse mermaid. Misery and torment came in when he buried his money. He did Santeria on his wife.


“Hey Suzy! Welcome to Heythorn from all of us animals, birds and butterflies!” Actual Image