What spiriutal law was broken first to see where

Satan has legal rights to kill, steal and destroy?

King of kings will protect anointed people with good hearts.

Written by SUZAE on March 18, 2021


Isaiah 45:7 (forty five:seven) these are GOD’s word from heaven. (7) ‘I form the light and create darkness, I make peace and create calamity;

GOD controls the nations-but there is only one holy nation He has ordained, His eye’s stay on it all His days. (That is forever) That is the Holy nation of Israel as in GOD’s word Isiah 45:7 (forty five: seven) GOD controls the affairs of men from Heaven

Israel is the kingdom of GOD in the spiritual realm

GOD rules from His helm. Israel is like no other nation for GOD holds the rod. He can dash a nation to pieces like dirt and sod. GOD makes peace and calamity on earth below, Here is the rest of the verse I think you should know.

Isiah 45:7 (forty five: seven‘ I the LORD, do all these things.’

Yes He makes peace and calamity. He crushes the nations of the earth that chase after idols made of dirt.
Like candles, and good luck charms

and “spiritism” were “spirits of the dead” can do no harm. All false doctrine that leads people astray-Like the New Age.

Just one wrong teaching (word) brings people to their graves.
Written by SUZAE on March 15, 2021


Written by SUZAE on February 27, 2021

As in Hosea 4:14 (four:fourteen) read what GOD means: Therefore people who don’t understand will be trampled on. For when Judgment Day comes it’s not all “We are one”. We are judged individually for what we have done. The only one that is One is JESUS Christ the Son.

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