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Suzy Little looks on to see if brother John can hold baby Anita

GOD LOVES HIS CHILDREN updated on August 11, 2022

God loves His babies and little children dear

He will give them eternal life for they are sincere.

Anyone that aborts a baby has killed an innocent life

They will pay in hell if they do not repent to Jesus

of what was done with a knife.

God’s spiritual law the 10 Commandments written long ago

Genesis 9: 5-6

5 In addition I will demand your blood for your life. I will demand it from any animal or any person. I will demand the life of any person who kills another person. 6 Whoever sheds human blood, for humans his blood will be shed, because in the image of God, God made humans.

and we should teach our children you reap what you sow.

You think God Almighty doesn’t know?

If you kill an innocent life because you think that man’s law or it rules—

You will have to pay in eternity out of ignorance or because you were a fool.

Please listen to what I do say—

This is not about having your own way-or Roe versus Wade

This is a supernatural law that applies to every soul

who aborts a baby and thinks it is OK.

God’s Divine spiritual laws apply no matter

what humans say, for if you don’t get right with God

before you die, you will have to pay for this sin

for eternity forever and a day.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on May 4, 2019, updated August 11, 2022

My Little Geisha Girl (Heaven flyers below-in Albanian, English, Espanol, French)

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At the end of this video “Why Is There Evil”? you will see how God gave us “free will”(which is in our soul) in a guy named Brian who removed his tattoos from his face. It is shown that we can change our minds and we do have a conscience to know right from wrong, good and evil. Taking the tattoos off himself hurt but he felt he did a lot of bad to people so that is his repentance. He was born (ancestral curse) like a social path. He said before removing his tattoos he said: “there was a hole in my soul-there is good and evil in all of us”. I feel for this guy’s soul, he needs to go to Jesus now–he is almost there, in fact by his actions he shows God’s glory of humans doing good and has a change of heart.

God gave us a conscious but some criminals have a spirit controlling them where they at times do not know what is controlling them and can blank out while doing it forgetting they did it. That is why we need the Holy Spirit of Jesus to heal our souls and a deliverance pastor or another Christian to cast out the spirit from our soul in the name of Jesus.

We live in a world under DIVINE ORDER. Morgan Freeman said at the beginning of this video “If you believe we believe in a world under Divine Control then why is there evil? The guy at the beginning of this video has a familiar spirit that has been in his bloodline from his ancestors. From having the yoke of sin on his spirit man he is controlled by this “demon” that told him to do this act of violence.

This guy is being honest who is in jail talking to Morgan Freeman “The demon takes over the spirit of this man” His brain does look like x-rays with a different brain (he is one in a million) because the supernatural does affect the physical when you are abused as a child.

Through deliverance of demons if you get the murdering “demon” (fallen angel) out of him by first confessing his sins first to Jesus and renouncing what he did and confessing the sins of his ancestors who had a murdering demon in his bloodline he can change his spirit man and have the Holy Spirit make the demons in his soul take the chains off his spirit man in supernatural.

The first priest was asked by Morgan Freeman “Is the devil real?” His answer is “Yes”. They are fallen angels and we have power and authority over them once we have the Holy Spirit in us.

The woman said “My dad was an alcoholic” which comes in through the bloodline from our ancestors.

Shiva is a fallen angel-a demon. You can not take a fallen angel out with a fallen angel. Even Morgan Freeman said there is a feeling of evil in this area. There is a principality over the pond they called “sacred”. They are honoring this evil spirit by giving food to him. An evil spirit can not deliver people of their evil spirits from their ancestors. The Shaman is speaking in demonic tongues. She did say “In the end there is hope.” Yes, the hope of having your soul saved by Jesus Christ. A spirit needs to be removed from the person.

The devil was on earth at the beginning of time, coming down from heaven after a war with God’s holy angels headed by Prince Michael. God wanted the Israelites separate from other nations. God’s breath is in us, but His Spirit is only in us when we confess our sins and make Jesus LORD and Savior of our souls. Yes, we must make the choice to do good that is correct, but you can’t just purge yourself of evil just by doing good, you need the Holy Spirit to heal you, break the yoke of sin and get the fallen angels out. Our souls are eternal and there is eternal punishment (God is holy and wants us to be holy and you can be) hell is His wrath and Heaven is where he wants you to be with Him through His Son Jesus Christ who died for your sins.

American psychologist Jesse Bering does an experiment to see if a normal child’s response is to cheat and because of the yoke of sin he and she does. They can’t help but cheat. Jessy does another experiment with a supernatural being who is Princess Alice. She’s very friendly and can make herself invisible. The children are consciously aware now and are aware and believe in a supernatural being that makes them do good. God puts it on your heart to do good. Jessy sees something remarkable. This experiment shows we have a yoke of sin naturally in the supernatural. We need to tell our children about Jesus. Jesus cares about our souls. God is watching and cares about you. You feel guilty if you violate your soul it is built in us.

ECCLESIASTES 9:2 Everything turns out the same way for everyone. All people will share the same destiny, (death–are you saved in the spirit?)whether they are righteous, wicked or good, clean or unclean, whether they offer sacrifices or don’t offer sacrifices. Good people are treated like sinners. People who take oaths are treated like people who are afraid to take oaths.

Drug Addict turned Prophet – Must hear testimony!

The spirit of addiction, the spirit of bondage is bound and cast out in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Spanish guy asks why did I survive and my brother did not? They both fell from a 47-story building in NYC. Nothing is by accident.

The Holy Bible is GOD’s WORD, not a book of ideas which a woman Rabbi said. There is only One true God and He is the King of kings, LORD of lords, God of hosts, the God of Israel who made Heaven and earth. Saints, you become when you have the Holy Spirit in you, not from doing a miracle. God does the miracles, not us. The Holy Spirit in us does the miracles.

We live in a spirit-filled world with Jesus Holy Spirit at the top. The psychologist in the coffee shop who is flipping the coin can have a spirit help him which he says is divine intervention.

Apocalypse (Full Episode) | The Story of God with Morgan Freeman. Most people in this video believe the Apocalypse will be fought by physical men, but it will be fought by JESUS CHRIST in the supernatural. The spiritual battle over death has been won you just need to use your free will now while you are still alive to go to JESUS now and make Him LORD and Savior over your soul for at the end of this age it will be a war in the spirit world where JESUS comes back for His bride the church and then seven years of tribulation and then JESUS will say one Word and it is all over for the physical earth and we move into the spiritual earth. Those who are in the Lamb’s Book of Life will live for eternity in the new heaven and those who are not in the Lambs Book of Life will be cast into outer darkness.

The Need For Spiritual Armor

Our battle is in the spiritual realm. You need to be able to discern what spirit is talking to you (fallen angel) deceiving you to do things, be addicted, be depressed, be emotional. Wear the full armor of God, fast to build your spirit man, stop sinning, and confess your sins and your ancestor’s sins in the name of Jesus, renouncing sin, pray warfare prayers with scripture (the Word of God).