Is Bootsy In Heaven?

Beloved Bootsy in Cottage Grove, MN with me in 1988 before she passed on. Bootsy became very sad once everyone left the house. I was gone already for 4 years working at Dayton’s photography studio.

Folleto del cielo con oración en español debajo de la foto y el poema

Three Sisters Are up in Heaven by Suzae

My mom as a child on far right with her sisters Aunt Joanie and Aunt Audrey who are all up in heaven!


From left to right, are my Aunt Joanie, Aunt Audrey,

and my Mother Ruthie as a child in the photo above,

all of them is up in heaven with God Jesus’ love.

I had visions of all three, I start with the oldest sister who is on the far left who is Aunt Joanie.

She was at the throne of God getting a scroll, wearing a white robe, I was glad to know.

Aunt Audrey came to me in her wheelchair in a dream,

she stood up and I had the holy angels place her back down without a seam.

I asked her if she confessed her sins to Jesus and she said:

“Yes, I confess my sins to Jesus.” I do attest. I knew her spirit was in heaven with rest.

I was with my mom on the telephone, because she was in the hospital because she fell,

I had her say the salvation prayer and mean it in her heart, she was serious from the start

She started crying so I knew she was true.

I saw in a vision on the day before she passed, she was by heaven’s gates at last.

She was sitting on a horse the color white–

down below was a demon with broken wings, dark in the night.

He looked scary while holding to a skyscraper in the sky-

below him, a door shaft opened up but mother did not die

for she was saved in the spirit by Jesus Christ.

Then the night my mother passed, a scroll opened up while speaking to me,

it wrote which I did see the:

Book of Life, Ruth Mary Jenek, Baby Christian.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on February 14, 2023, updated on February 15, 2023

HEAVEN FLYER in Espanol-

Folleto del cielo en español a continuación

English Heaven Flyer

Albanian Heaven Flyer

French Heaven Flyer

Aunt Audrey is Up in Heaven! Heaven flyers below in Spanish, English, Albanian and French

Aunt Audrey and me in 2017

Aunt Audrey and me at Assisted Living Facility

HEAVEN FLYERS in Spanish, Albanian, French and English download link below

Espanola heaven flyer

Albanian heaven flyer

French heaven flyer

English heaven flyer

Collage sent to St Joseph Indian School

For the Holidays I sent the children of St Joseph Indian School this collage which was wrapped in thick tape so scan is blurry.