Please download links below in Spanish and English. Give credit to your guardian angel

I would like to give credit to my guardian angel who wears a red suit of armor. He is a highly anointed holy warrior angel. He fights with his sword against the enemy of my soul. I saw him twice, once after a three day fast and another time at a deliverance. Thank your guardian angel everyday for fighting for you! Wear the whole armor of GOD Ephesians 6:11-17 and (pray for the brethen Ephesians 6:18) every day so your guardian angel does as well. You don’t know how much the highly anointed holy warrior angel Prince Michael and highly anointed holy messenger angel Gabriel with their highly anointed holy angels under their command fight for humans on earth every day for their souls, this includes people that are not saved in the spirit. JESUS our Lord and Savior prayers for you in the spirit foremost. Thank JESUS for praying for your salvation. Pray the repentance prayer on blog below and thank Him for dying for you so you can have eternal life with Him in heaven. We have a living GOD!

Download Heaven flyers to your phone. Read repentance prayers and mean it in your heart


Once you pray repentance prayer on Heaven flyer and mean it in your heart (see blog below) you are a child of God and you have the Holy Spirit in you. The Holy Spirit helps you interpret the holy Bible. The Bible is GOD’s spiritual laws and we are judged spiritually first. We are more in the supernatural than physical. We are a living soul, but we need the Holy Spirit to make it to heaven and to become holy like Him. We live in a fallen world and need the yoke of sin broken.


On Friday August 14, 2020 I had a deliverance right after a lady’s mother just had a deliverance. People prayed for the ladie’s mother then I was next. Pastor then said

“I don’t have time to do a deliverance, I’m just going to anoint you tonight, and he just anointed my head with oil. Then all of a sudden the demon in me came up and yelled,

“I hate you, I hate you!”

Then he asked

“Can a couple of you woman come over and pray for her?”

I was looking down and I could only see the womans feet for the Holy Spirit and the holy angels were holding this New Age demon down. The women started saying,

“In the name of Jesus with Holy Spirit fire you strongman go to the pit!”

Then one of the woman said,

New Age demon come out!”

“New Age demon come out!” then she yelled “Kundalini spirit come out!”

That’s when the spirit got really angry and at the time I could not look up at the ladies because of the Holy Spirit fire. The spirit really wanted to see who was trying to cast him out.

Then the demon in me started getting really angry and manifested. My body started to move like a snake with my hands going like a wave up and down. The demon started crying and did not want to go to the pit which is hell in the middle of the earth in the spiritual realm. Then he finally did with Jesus’ Holy Spirit fire.

Thank You JESUS!

During deliverances the Holy Spirit makes the enemy spill the beans. Thank you Jesus! Jesus, the highest name in heaven and earth and below (which is hell in the middle of the earth) the only Name the demons say when they are being tortured by His heat –fire.

Last night on August 8th 2020 the Spirit husband said

“He loved me!”

-which the Pastor responded to him,

“No you don’t!”

The demon was very bold when he removed the cross from my head screaming at pastor,

“Take the cross off my head!”

Then the Pastor told him,

“Put the metal cross back on her head and put her back in her chair right now!”

The Holy Spirit and the holy angels made him (demon) put the metal cross back on my head and to put me back in my chair. The Pastor asked the spirit if he was the one causing my scratches at night. The demon said,


The demon mentioned Jesus’ name, begging mercy from Him. Then the Pastor had a fellow servant of Jesus Christ read Revelation 20:1. 20 And I saw an angel coming down out of heaven, having the key to the Abyss and holding in his hand a great chain. He seized the dragon, that ancient serpent, who is the devil, or Satan, and bound him for a thousand years.

The demon put my hands over my ears for he did not want to hear his doom from God’s written WORD. in Revelation of JESUS Christ.
Thank You JESUS for our victory over the enemy! Special Note: After deliverance I asked Holy Spirit how Spirit husband came in and He told me–which confirmed my scratch on my stomache the other night. Thank You JESUS!

On Saturday August 1, 2020 the demon was nicer to Pastor Jana, they never swear at her. He kindly told her to go to someone else to help. As soon as he said he liked me, it was a give away that he was another “spirit husband”. He put up a fight, but could not overcome the power of God’s Holy Spirit. Thank You JESUS!

On Friday July 31, 2020 the bold strongman said he was a spirit and that we were dust, and he had me stamp my feet and scream “dirt” below my feet. The Pastor knows we are empty vessels and that our power and authority come from Jesus Christ and His spirit that lives in every true believer that is bought and paid for by Jesus Christ’s blood on the cross. Later the Pastor played the Shofar and it drove all the demons in people nuts. A demon in me called out for him to stop it and that he was S.O.B. That demon was cast out! Thank You Jesus!

On Friday July 24, 2020– 10,000 holy angels came to put a strongman named Satan to the test and evict him from my house (soul). I saw my guadian angel on my right side who wears a red suit and has a sword in his hand all the time. The holy angels fight in your very soul and break chains off of you in the supernatural. The strongman screams to JESUS!

stop the fire!”

Then the demon rattled off using my left hand all the kingdoms under him. He said “Indian” and the Pastor asked

“Are you a person or a spirit?”

He replied that my Native American great grandparents worshiped the sun and that they were from an Indian tribe in Wisconsin and that I had the information in my files. This spirit came in from my dad’s Chevalier side with his mother Vivian’s grandparents who had and intermarriage in the early 1900’s and did an ungodly act of worshipping a sun god.

Special note: When I got home I asked Holy Spirit to confirm about 10,000 holy angels being there and He showed me scripture! Wow! Thank You JESUS and Your Holy Spirit for being there for me with those angels!

On Friday June 26, 2020 I left earlier for deliverance for there was a thunderstorm and I had an appointment. I was on my way to Orange Theory, which I rescheduled. The Holy Spirit set this up and convicted the strongman Satan before I even arrived at the deliverance session. I told the Pastor

“ I am not going to make it on Saturday.”

Unknownilgy after saying this, I didn’t think I would be deliverd that night but the Pastor came up to me while my eyes we’re closed and the demon came up making my hands be in a claw like postion. The first demon to come up was was Lucifer, but the Pastor told him to go back down for he knew he was not the strongman. Then Satan the strongman came up. He had me pound on my chest saying that,

“I caused the two thunderstorms and I even arrived early!”

Yes, it did rain so bad that you could not see as I looked at the Burger King windows when I was there, flooding the parking lot. I know that I would go to a deliverance no matter if it was thundering and raining no matter what, even if I live over 40 minutes away. The strongman Satan also was convicted by the Holy Spirit to grab a hold of Jezebel to go the pit with him by having me grab my arms around my body without even the Pastor asking him who else was under his authority. Satan took Jezebeland Lucifer with him to the pit of hell with other lower level demons. Satan strongman also mentioned he was mad that Pastor Sam who he called Uncle Sam for telling me to get rid of all my (pagan) stuff. He had said in a previous deliverance session that he knew where the candles were. I found it and the plates. The Holy Spirit told me to get a shovel and dig.

Also during this previous deliverance my great grandmother’s soul fragment from 400 years ago came up and asked JESUS

“Forgive my soul, please!”

They worshiped Satan (400 hundred years ago)and had a snake for a sacrifice (which I figured out with revelation from the Holy Spirit) in an orgy which is now Czech Republic.

Thank You JESUS for Your Holy Spirit and Your unfailing love and faithfulness!