You Say You Are An Evangelist

Published on January 5, 2021

You say you are an evangelist

but you can’t witness on a plane

you tell everyone on YouTube

“The girl knew my name.”

But what about Jesus Christ

who kept you from going insane?

What about Him grabbing

you from the recesses of the pit?

Isn’t that the place where

you knew this was it?

When you saw the cross to

protect you from the devil who

who was your boss.

So, your actions on earth are plain to see

you are like the other lukewarm

Christians who you bash on Christian TV.

But you set the example of

an evangelist and what they don’t do,

“Be like me, lukewarm”

so Jesus can spit you out

it’s recorded on YouTube without a doubt.

But, maybe next time when

you come across that girl on the plane–

but wait….! By then it’s too late!

For she is in hell because

of a lukewarm evangelist is to blame

It seems you want all the glory–

for all the world to see–

but don’t give the glory to Jesus Christ

who died for you and everyone on a tree.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on January 5, 2021


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