Megan Fox goes to HELL!? What she says on Jimmy Kimmel will shock you

Megan Fox goes to HELL!? What she says on Jimmy Kimmel will shock you
Published August 3, 2021 | By Suzae Chevalier |

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Megan Fox did not go to the actual hell which is God’s wrath. The drug she took makes fallen angels (demons) give you a mind trip like other New Agers (I used to be one). Drugs are one of Satan’s strategies to bring you on a supernatural experience but little do you know that demons are the ones bringing your mind into that experience. Satan has convinced mankind he doesn’t exist and either does hell. This is a real place (in the middle of the earth in the supernatural) where people are being tormented for eternity right now. Shamans all over the world are using drugs, soul journeying (which is just your familiar spirit leading you in your mind into a vision) sweat lodges, etc. to have a supernatural experience with the devil not knowing. The Bible says in Matthew 7:13-14 “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. 14 But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.
Most people are on the highway to hell. Watch this video and click on the links below for Heaven fliers in English, Spanish, French and Albanian to read the prayer out loud and mean it in your heart (you are more in the supernatural).

ENGLISH HEAVEN FLYER (Download to your phone-your next life is eternity!

Spanish Heaven flyer with prayer to heaven-your next life is eternity!

French HEaven flyer with prayer to heaven–your next life is eternity!

Albanian Heaven flyer-your next life is for eternity!

Haitian Creole-Copy and Paste link below in your browser


What’s blocking your healing? Removing the Barriers to Healing by Karen Joy Wilburn

Ways to healing are 1. Break ungodly soul ties with evil people. 2. Cursed objects in your home and wearing cursed jewelry. 3. Witchcraft against you 4.. Unforgivenness of others. Order book at


What GOD Did During the First SABBATH – Preview 3 | SFP Films

This video has a very great explanation of why God wanted us to rest on the Sabbath.



Written by Suzae Chevalier on January 3, 2020

People can run, people can hide–but the God of Israel knows all lies. In fact God knows all people’s minds and the deepest thoughts people have inside. People think they can be so mean–mean to people and not be seen, but God sees–He see everything-Yes everything God does see. So does His highly anointed holy and fallen angels they see too–People think because they did it in private they are off the hook, but everything is being recorded in the books– See God’s angels are called “watchers in the Bible. Psychics and mediums say angels/guides are “watchers” like idle–but either way it is true, God and all angels are under His command-They watch me and you—through and through. So people can’t get away–away from their mean behavior–for they will pay–if they don’t confess to Jesus–they will pay–on Judgment Day.


Written by Suzae Chevalier on January 2, 2020

Don’t call me black, don’t call me white.
I am reborn in the spirit yes, my seal is out of site.
Yes my seal is on my spirit only God, the highly anointed
holy and fallen angels can see–They all know I am free–
free to go to heaven when the trumpet does sound…
A big holy angel told me in a vision so clear but not loud.
I’m going to heaven but I have work to do…
I want to make sure you go there and know the absolute Truth.
For God of all the heavens and the earth-
wants you to become on fire and not be of dirt.
He will give you new garments for your soul…
You will live in eternity and not grow old.
But see this is your choice for He gave you free will.
He loves His creation and will not force you even still.
Only the devil who manipulates your mind…makes you believe
your soul is not on the line. But it is my dear friend so listen again…
You need confess to Jesus at the end of the day…
if you want to get to heaven before you pass away.


Written by Suzae Chevalier on January 2, 2021

Suzy loves to hear the saxophone
she listens to it on her way home.
Sitting next to the sax player on subway
she is happy music comes her way.
She does not want to leave at all
even though she is quite small.
Adults across from her on the other side
look at her with big, big smiles
they see she is a little child.
That doesn’t bother Suzy–
for they don’t know her inside.
Listening to fun music on her subway ride.

Written on January 2, 2021

How Much Is Your Soul?

“How much is your soul worth you may ask?”
”I will tell you, it is priceless.”
Your soul is made for eternity
but many sell their soul in a day-
for money and fleeting fame-
some people are gone in less then six decades.
They could not enjoy their money while life passed by-
Theirs and your life is a blink of an eye.
Their earth life is the billionaire’s Heaven for many billionaires are in hell–
down in the pit-
Every time someone hears their hit—
they’re tormented just like that.
This life goes by sooo fast—-
only the the next life lasts
and lasts.
It’s either Heaven or hell–
For all spirits are dead without the Holy Spirit.
Eternal life in the spirit or eternal death of the soul—
So thank Jesus for dying for you to give you a way of escape-
or you won’t eat another grape.
See no amount of money can save you from the grave.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on January 2, 2021


Written by Suzae Chevalier on January 2, 2021

A fallen angel enters your mind under disguise
saying he’s God and you don’t put up a fight.
This familiar spirit blinds your thinking
saying words just right-
Making you think, yes this is sublime-very, tight.
We can conquer the prince of darkness
and the fallen angels under his command-
Once we seek the True living God and understand.
We must fear and honor God, the great I AM,
to know the absolute Truth not lies and scams.
We now have His Holy Anointed Holy Spirit
that can help you discern-
to know voices in your head are not always
there as your friend.
We also have the highly Holy anointed warrior angels to fight
at your side-Once you are a true Child of God–
Jesus Christ will be faithful to the end of time.


When she gets there she knows
that the door is now closed.
She can’t get in, it’s way too late-she has sealed her fate.
And the Mockingbird sings
of all pretty things– we humans
love and adore.
She begs please sing
please sing more…!
But now she only hears
screaming from below…
‘Pease Jesus, help me so!
I really should of known-you loved me so,

but it’s too late I have to pay for what I sowed!”

Written by Suzae Chevalier on January 2, 2021

Please read prayer on Heaven flyer


Written by Suzae Chevalier on January 2, 2021

At the end of the day we all bleed the same
The only thing that could of changed–
your spirit came alive-
You have the Spirit of God the Most High–
Is your spirit in heaven way up in the sky?
Above the stars?
In the third heaven which is very far?
See you were born of man understand?
Born with a spirit that is dead…
and if you don’t allow God to make
you reborn…
You will die altogether…
something of dread.


Written by Suzae Chevalier on January 2, 2021

To anyone depressed
and feels like a mess.
I do feel for your brain
I know why you are going insane.
Insane is the world on this crazy train
We all know Prozac and all the of the mind altering drugs
make people more controlled and more numb–
Isn’t it better to know the absolute Truth?
Then to listen to fables from best selling books?
Well come hear and listen beyond the great veil–
your spiritual eyes and ears have been blinded
by the prince of this world.
Most people walk in darkness every single day
they don’t know they are controlled by
a familar spirit who has the enemies OK.
This spirit came in from an ancestor of old
the spirit came through your bloodline
with an assignment to make your craziness unfold.
Like your mental wounds that have no cure
but here is the cure that is more than physically pure.
Listen closely the answer is here.
You are body, soul and spirit and made in
the image of the great I AM
His Holy Spirit can heal your brain only Jesus name above all names can heal the mental wounds that make you insane.

Please download Heaven flyer

and read prayer at bottom right.


Written by Suzae Chevalier on January 1, 2021

Where in the Bible does it say-that Christmas is Jesus Christ’s birthday?
Where did Santa Claus come from?
Isn’t it worshipping the evil one?
You know Satan wants to be like God the Most High
That is why he has a sled and flies through the sky.
Where did we get “Decorate a Christmas tree?”
And give gifts to each other, you and me?
Where did we get Rudolph and Santa’s reindeer?
Or “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” who had some bad years?
See all of this was made up by man-
and of course the enemy of our soul understand?
Look at all the images of the cross all in Babylon-
ancient civilizations from times lost.
Thousands years before Jesus was born in the Holy Land
Satan had his version of mother with her child in hand.
So why don’t we celebrate God’s Holy Spirit and the cross like at Pentecost?
The Holy Spirit should be praised for He’s God’s Spirit that saves.


Written by Suzae Chevalier on January 2, 2021

The churches of today preach anything goes…
like it’s OK to see your dead relatives
before you die,
I ask you a question,
“How and why?”
What people are seeing is not a relative
but a fallen angel under disguise–
Why don’t churches preach the absolute Truth and realize–
God said in His Anointed Word–
It is appointed for man to live once
before you get to hell or hopefully Heaven…
Please read Hebrews nine twenty seven. (9:27)
27 Just as man is appointed to die once,
after that to face judgment.
Churches of today
are more of a business leading people astray.
“I need your donations for our end year goals”
Why are they not saying
“Let me pray for your souls?”
or say to their congregations–
“Our church will preach the True Gospel
and get you ready for Jesus’ return.”
You have to be able to discern
to see wolves in sheep’s clothing on earth.
So in the end these pastors will see—
they will pay in hell for eternity.

Please download Heaven flyers in English and Spanish


I had a vision, before I woke up from a dream
I thought it was interesting but I did listen.
I saw my two familiar spirits of mine dressed in black-
they were talking to the king of darkness with small wings on his back.
They said to him as he sat on his throne-
“She is a threat to us on earth.”
in a serious tone.
Then the angel of darkness pounded
down his cup-
and said,
“I want all souls dead, ! ! ! “
I thought wow!
‘This is dread! ‘
Thank you Jesus for letting me see,
I know hell is as real, as real as can be-
We have to be serious about our very lives!
Our next life we have to more than survive-
we have to have eternal life.
Your life is more than the color of your skin
its deeper than that your made for eternity from within-
Its your very souls that is on the line-
but people don’t seem to care
they think everything is fine.
They better confess their sins to Jesus before they die
or their next eternity is in the Lake of fire and that’s no lie!

Written by Suzae Chevalier on December 6, 2020


Once you pray repentance prayer on Heaven flyer and mean it in your heart (see blog below) you are a child of God and you have the Holy Spirit in you. The Holy Spirit helps you interpret the holy Bible. The Bible is GOD’s spiritual laws and we are judged spiritually first. We are more in the supernatural than physical. We are a living soul, but we need the Holy Spirit to make it to heaven and to become holy like Him. We live in a fallen world and need the yoke of sin broken.