Pray to Jesus Christ everyday. This man’s testimony is real and what he is saying is very real. If you have the spiritual eyes to see demons you know what I am talking about. Jesus gives you that power only if He wills it. Satan gave this man the power to see in the spirit realm.


Blog posted on May 2, 2019. This man wanted to be rich, famous and meet Lucifer. He consulted a Mystic. Mystic told him to write a letter to Lucifer and go to grave of a rich man in a graveyard. He saw this man’s ghost–his body stayed-this man left in the spirit and soul into hell. He saw a horse on a road. The sky was red, no sun. The demon greeted him. He was very shaken. One of them from the waist up was a snake. He was very scared. Don’t be scared you seeked us. They put him on a horse–this horse was all skeleton and placed a red scarf around my neck. He saw his friend that was a dog with a human head. Then a white demon said why are you shocked? He saw cars passing, that were skeletons. He saw his professor face to face that died in a car accident. The demons said if you get scared again you will not return to earth. Demon said there was many demons on earth. Lucifer gave him power to see spiritually on earth to see demons. On the left side Lucifer was beautiful and the right side of him he was all rotten looking. Lucifer said
” I know why you come here and what you asking me for. I give you a one mission on earth.”
He noticed that outside of the kingdom it was all dead and Lucifer it is the same on earth in spirit realm in different parts.
Lucifer said
“Destroy the works of Jesus Christ the High Master.”
Lucifer gave him 2,000 powerful demons to go with him to earth. He gave him 14 days to complete his mission. He really only had you 3 days. When he got into the earth realm–he say millions of millions of demons in spirit eye. Humans can not see them. You have to have spiritual eyes to see them. You Christians do not be attached to these things on earth. If you saw the cars on earth it is a casket of your dead friend or family member that died in a car. You have to be very careful. In September to December these cars come from hell into the earth realm. Lucifer feeds off human blood from these people who die in car accidents. Pray before you get into a car. Do not go fast in your car. This guy saw a person shining brightly and had a angel protecting him–a true Christian. The fire around this Christian would kill these demons that was around this man. Then they saw a dark man who gave his life to Lucifer after leaving Jesus Christ and now he is controlled by these demons. Another guy had a bright shiny star on his forehead and has a holy angel of God protecting him. When this true Christian calls out Jesus name it is very powerful and we flee. The demon told him
“We have to take down Christians. We have to look at their children and their wives.”
Please Christians train your family to live a life of prayer. You have to continue to pray all the time.
We will send millions demons to this Christian home through you. They went after this wife and put evil spirits into this woman. Her spirit is now in hell. You Christians should not desire of other people’s things and desiring it. It is the doors of entry that is allowing evil spirits into your life. You have to be very cautious. When this girl dressed totally seductive–the people with lust of eyes brought the demons into these people’s spirits by looking at her. This girl brought demons into the church. The body you are in is an envelope. The soul is allowing your body to function. Many people have killed people by other people’s thoughts. Lucifer will show you in hell when you die a video of how you killed someone on earth with your thoughts. Be cautious, cautious. Even if you are poor and hungry do not loose the Spirit of God in you.



Make sure you have the throne of Christ over your family. If you don’t belong of Jesus you are ruled by the enemy who can take down your family. Jesus knew there was powers in operation like white magic, green magic, yellow magic, black magic, magic of the Roman Catholic church when He was on the earth. John Paul will tell you how he got into witchcraft. Witches travel to the astral realm of witches at 1 am in the morning. That is why babies cry at 1 am and cats act different at this time. Watch all these videos to know the secrets of the enemy.

BEWARE Gospel singers signed pacts with the devil.

We who are made in the image of God are called “STUPID” by the demons who are evil and hate us. Every exorcism she does the demons say people are gross, how horrible the humans have done. All the humans who have done incest, the change of sex, etc. People do not understand the covenants that humans come into when we do ungodly things. God is white and pure like snow, not red like in covenants. When you disobey God you die spiritually, that is why you have to repent to God. Spirits are transferred from people you talk to you that don’t talk Christ. Do not compromise, the demons join in. Don’t conform to the world. Once you conform to the world demons come in. Christians who wear tight pants are making people fall into sin. Cartoons you watch–some cartoons has mark the beast in it. Those cartoon characters worship idols. Delete the whole television network. Cartoon Network is leading kids to hell.


Keep all your confessions firm in the LORD JESUS CHRIST Dr Pat Holiday visit her @ live on the radio every Wednesday and Friday at 6:30 pm 805-292-0300 press 1 and listen to us live. Body of Christ needs to learn her books there you can find sermons and blogs over the years. If you like to baptized let them know.


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Idemudia Guobadia: The Year of the Holy Spirit And Revival 2019


Cue your counter a little to the right–to avoid music at beginning.

Idemudia Guobadia sermon is very uplifting and so is his prayers to the Father of Heaven. Holy Spirit wants to express himself like never before. Holy Spirit wants us to put our trust in the finished worked on the cross by Jesus Christ.

The Holy Spirit flows in seven dimensions: The Spirit of the LORD, The Spirit of Might, Spirit of Knowledge, Spirit of Understanding, Spirit of Wisdom, Spirit of Fear of the LORD, Spirit of Counsel.

Without the Spirit of Understanding how can you maintain your deliverance. Without  and Wisdom how can you walk in your authority as a believer. Holy Spirit is coming to put His house in order. God is looking for pots that are holy. Read Zechariah 14:20-21 God does not want death in His pots. There will no more (hypocrites) one foot in and one foot out for the LORD because the fire will be too hot for them to endure. God is trying to get rid of hindrance the advancement of the Kingdom of God. Disappointment will make many Christians give up on the world and its systems. He doesn’t want His children to be friends with the world. Every man’s heart is revealed in the fire. Some will turn to the occult for solutions. That is were that will show they will never His people. The appointed remnants will seek God for their life’s questions.  As in Acts 2: The Holy Ghost came as wind and then as fire. There is a wind that will blow that will drive out frustration in the Body of Christ. Then fire will come. Lukewarm Christians that don’t catch the revival will despise and resent the Christians that are on fire for God. This is not a year to play game with our faith. We are called to inherit eternal life. God is not going tolerate one leg in and one leg out. God is looking for people who are sold out to Him. Many Christians will be running with horses, not man. Also when you run with horses at God’s speed you will outrun the horses. Fire united us in the pots. We decree that today is a day of liberty. We pray in Jesus name. Thank You Father, Amen.


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